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Gro-Rite Testimonials

Tina Wilson, Three Roses Ranch, Paint Horse Breeders:

“Since feeding the Gro-Rite mineral my colts have never looked as good as they do now. It has really improved breeding and foaling in my mares. My foals legs are stronger and straighter at birth than ever before. I usually begin showing foals when they are yearlings, but now I have been able to show them earlier, as weanlings, because of the extra growth. I have also fed GroRite to my senior horse, whose age was 32, and it helped maintain his health beautifully until his last days. I’ve fed this to a horse with epiphysitis and it helped cure him of the condition. I swear by this product and highly recommend it to all those with whom I come in contact."

Steve and Joni Flint, Team roping and trail riding:

“We have been feeding our five horses Gro-Rite for the past four years. Our horses endurance levels and muscle tone have improved, and they maintain a high energy level throughout the year. Two horse that we purchased had very poor quality haircoats. After we started feeding Gro-Rite to them, their hair coats thickened and became sleeker, and more shiny.”

Roger and Arlee Benegar, Pleasure and Trail riding:

"While participating tin the Sesquicentenneal trail ride, we noticed that our horses were holding up better than most of the rest. Our horses were maintiaining their weight, stamina, and energy levels better than other horses on the ride. We also feel that the overall health improves while feeding Gro-Rite."

Jay Hancock, Chariot racing:

"I feed the GroR-ite mineral to all of my horses. All of my mares caught easily at breeding time. They all have strong, healthy hooves. My pasture has a good amout of rocks on it, and since feeding the Gro-Rite, I’ve never had a problem with bruises or other foot disease. My two year olds have bulked up in muscle and are very strong. I bought a scraggely two year old and immediately put him on the Gro-Rite. In just a couple of months, he really grew and blossomed."

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