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Dr. Hill's Gro-Rite Pellets
Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Gro-Rite was developed in the late eighties in response to a high incidence of OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) in foals. This is a disease that can result in defective bone and joint development which renders horses unsound. An imbalance in calcium and phosphorus, low levels of copper, zinc and manganese in the diet were some factors identified as being important causes of this disease. After placing pregnant mares on Gro-Rite, which corrects these deficiencies and imbalances, the incidence of these OCD problems diminished significantly.

In subsequent years after placing thousands of horses on Gro-Rite, we have seen the added benefits such as:

  • improved growth (lower incidence of OCD)
  • improved feed conversion (growing better on less feed)
  • increased stamina and increased muscle mass due to increased nitrogen retention (more and better muscle development)
  • improved digestion in geriatric (older) horses
  • improved fiber digestibility
  • improved nutrient digestibility
  • increased blood hemoglobin (better performance from more oxygen delivery to the body)
  • lower blood lactate in blood after exercise (less fatigue and quicker recovery)

We aren't the only ones to see such tremendous benefits... read a sample of what others are saying about Gro-Rite, too.

Gro-Rite is important because it resupplies the horse with electrolytes in the proper ratios (calcium to phosphorus), adds the essential amino acids alfalfa lacks (to build tissue) and enhances digestion with "diamond V" yeast culture.

Another wintertime benefit is that adding Gro-Rite to the ration will help drive thirst. Electrolytes are inherently "salty" tasting. Therefore a daily intake of electrolytes can stimulate the horse to drink more, and hopefully avoid impaction colic, which is so common in the winter.

Gro-Rite is not a grain based supplement. Feeding only 2 cups daily to the normal adult horse makes feeding this supplement THE most economical way to ensure complete and improved nutrition. COB or plain oats may be added to the ration if desired, or if more calories are necessary.

Gro-Rite can be purchased at our clinic, or at the following retail outlets:

The American Cowboy, West Bountiful, Utah

Dallas Green Farm & Home Store in Clearfield and Hooper, Utah

AA Callisters in Salt Lake City, Utah

Gro-Rite Pellets

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