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Caring for Your Horse

What is the secret to a long, healthy performance life?

Case Study:
For 20 years we have been caring for a client's #1 team-roping horse. This particular horse has had the best hoof care every 6-8 weeks, dental exams and floating (when necessary), spring and fall vaccinations, correctly administered and timed deworming treatments, and the best nutrition (Gro-Rite supplement). At 24 years old, this horse is no pasture ornament, he earns his living all year, every year. And he is still performing well.

I have seen this horse and examined him at least twice a year for the past 20 years, and his owner has allowed me to give this horse the best that I have to offer. The results speak for themselves.

This is not an isolated case either. When it comes to your horse, the best care is also the most cost-effective care. Having one good, healthy horse for 20 years is certainly cheaper and more enjoyable than having 2 or 3 over the same time period. So if you've got a good one, or one with the potential to be good, give them what they deserve. Give them the chance to excel and have the best, longest life possible. Call me, I think I have the recipe!


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