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Digital Radiography

We currently are using what is considered to be the best Digital Radiographic system on the market. You can know that when we take radiographs of your horse, they are the best available. This has given us the ability to diagnose and treat your horse better than ever before. Conditions such as Navicular disease, Laminitis, osteoarthritis, dental problems, etc., can all be more accurately and effectively diagnosed and treated.

When the image is taken with the digital radiographic unit, the image can be manipulated in many different ways to get the perfect exposure every time for quicker, more reliable viewing of detail with every xray. All in a matter of seconds.

The "skyline view" radiographs below demonstrate one area of particular significance where the Digital Radiography provides us with more accurate and detailed information. The image on the left shows a normal Navicular bone, while the one on the right has significant pathology.

Conventional Radiograph

Digital Radiograph


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