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Lameness & Foot Care

Nothing is as frustrating as having your horse down with lameness. There are many treatment “fads”, that have come and gone over the years. This includes shoeing therapies, theories, and fashion. We have had experience with these and have distilled out the most cost effective and beneficial treatments, therapies, and shoeing recommendations for you and your horse. We are horse people too, and we understand the need for timely and effective treatment strategies that put you back in the saddle. These would include:

  • Hot, corrective shoeing
  • Natural balance shoeing
  • Rocker shoes
  • Barefoot Trimming
  • Hoof reconstruction
  • Treatment for quarter cracks, sheered heels, white line disease, laminitis, FOUNDER, club feet, medio-lateral imbalance, sole abscesses, sole bruises, contracted heels, crushed heels, NAVICULAR DISEASE, thrush, canker, scratches (follicular dermatitis), dished and imbalanced hooves

The coming together of art and science (and experience) is the Lameness Exam. With over 30 years of farrier experience and 27 years of veterinary experience, Dr Hill has treated most causes of lameness. The experience to know what treatments are effective and which are fads, hearsay, or just marketing, is essential. Dr. Hill will guide you through the best treatments for your horse. Many horses have conditions such as arthritis, navicular disease, laminitis, tendontitis, etc., but these are conditions that can be managed successfully.

"Just because a horse is nicked up a little,
doesn’t mean you throw a whole life away."

This sums up our philosophy of treating horses. Many horses can perform well, and comfortably, with the correct diagnoses and treatments.

Digital Radiography (DR)
is the most advanced imaging x-ray technology available for diagnosis of lameness problems. We have the latest state-of-the-art DR system available. This means fast, accurate diagnosis and correct treatment for better success, comfort and performance.

White Line Disease

White Line Disease

Hoof Wall Rebuild

Hoof Wall Rebuild


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